In the void she stood-
out of the warm cradle of his arms-
in the cold, she perched-
hands clasped,
eyes, moist with decisions-
cheeks streaked with finality-
and all just out of reach-
She expelled him from her life
like water is wrenched from a towel-
and then she hung that towel up to dry-
evaporating any memory of him*



  1. Paula Boaz

    WOW!! Your poem is so powerful. Love your last line especially – ..”evaporating any memory of him.” Keep writing!!

  2. gypsy

    This is beautiful but kind of sad. However, when we remember that we can love others from many places, not just from relating with them one on one in the present time, life can be easier to live. some folks must be loved from the balcony – not the front row. but we still love and care deeply for them.

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