1-7-12 + “Memento”, by david julyan

what is flesh, but a creation-
a limited fuse lit by an unseen hand-
can it heal?
can it grow?
and we don’t have to lift a finger-
what is flesh, but a wrapper-
a covering-
much like a candy bar-
or a tiny mint-
a mask for something more defined
and complex-
a shirt for our thoughts-
socks for our feelings-
a jacket for our innermost workings-
we can spend years crying tears of all
or smiling moonlit smiles-
with or without the courage to move
forward, or backward-
with or without the strength to stand on
current ground-
what is flesh, but a creation-
what is creation, but a thought turned into
and action, a collection of concerted
it heals-
it grows-
and all we have to do is continue to
the sun always shines*

Memento- David Julyan

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