All of the words and phrases-
siphoned from the dusty volumes
of hard teachings-
filtered from the mistakes and triumphs
of the first hand-
all of that knowledge, gathered like
wild fruit, collected into barrels,
gleaned from experience,
and poured like rich spirits into my mental
where it has aerated for ages into
a cloudy, scattered brew-
mixing and swirling with my own
spices and imaginings-
fermenting into a stout and bitter potion,
ripe with flavors and shifting sediment-
yet it has never been properly sipped-
it has never been sufficiently tapped-
no vintage samples have been given,
its potential masked by a stubborn
all of the words and letters relayed to

all of the teachings laid dormant in my
comings and goings-
all of the lessons catalogued and categorized
in my soul for the day that plug is pulled,
and the final product savored and enjoyed-
the aroma will be sweet*

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