I recently read about the exploits
of James Cameron,
descending nearly 40,000 feet below the surface
of the Pacific to explore the dark depths
of the great Mariana Trench-
in the many interviews that followed, he discussed at
length the many trials and difficulties that
had to be overcome in order to undertake
such a journey-
the preparation-
physical as well as mental-
financial hoops and engineering hurdles-
7 years, he said, to design his submersible-
for a 2 and a half hour romp at the bottom of the world-
a descent into darkness, he said-
and he was right-
a barren expanse awaited him-
much like the surface of the moon, he mused,
his journey into darkness-
he was able to ascend after his adventure-
how many of us will not return from our own
trek into the deep-
how many of us venture out into our own
how many of us ride out unprepared, and
ill equipped-
unaccustomed to the increasing pressure
that those great depths provide-
will our submersible withstand the onslaught
of the outside world?
will we watch calmly as the light of the surface dims,
and the air around us cools-
where the only sound heard is our own slow and
shallow breaths as the mystery of the abyss
swirls around us like particles in a snow globe-
will we watch serenely, or will we claw frantically
at the glass-
remaining calm is key-
only then will we be able to return triumphantly from our descent-
james cameron style,
with great fanfare-
head tall, courageously stepping foot into
unexplored territory-
greeting the opportunity with open arms,
and reveling in the excitement of
patrolling and charting the unexplored-
we won’t always be prepared,
yet we must always be ready-
we won’t always be willing,
yet we can never be afraid*



  1. gypsy11

    …and if we are afraid to venture into our own unknown, it would be to our advantage to move through the fear and venture anyway. The benefits far outweigh any harm. Nice comparison Gary.

  2. Paula

    Love the analogy you used. Yes, James Cameron is fearless – and patient. I’m older now and realize one must keep being inquisitive – must ask questions – must take chances to follow our dreams. Most important -believe in ourselves even when others say “You’re foolhardy.” Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

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