Deep breaths do their best to conceal-
but only they can do so much-
unless you fertilize your core,
you’ll only be oxygenating your failures
time and again-
one can be alive without having truly lived-
one can be aware without having ever
one can enjoy without having ever enjoyed
the dreams that they’ve yearned for so deeply-
deep breaths do their best to conceal-
to suffuse the body with a layer of calm-
to falsify the facts and weave a
façade of peace and serenity-
deep breaths allow us a split second
to catch our breath-
to buy us time until we find ourselves
in the zone of our most treasured thoughts-
it’s there that we will we learn to exhale the stagnant
wind of our past,
in order to make room for the rush of the now-
it’s not a race against time,
as we will never beat the clock*


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