Category: Poems


Shadows speak names like
a roll call spoken into the whispers
of the wind-
solemn worlds carried like bundled stowaways
upstream on a turgid current-
what soil awaits the seed, as it pitches
its sail
and dreams wearily of burrowing deep into the
shadows swirling into the eddies like
stars into black holes-
the river bubbles as the names are spoken,
sputtering and mumbling and washing the
rock faces clean,
until all that remains are the bleached pebbles
of yesterday’s streams,
tiny fossils embedded in the shadows of
the afternoon sun*


In her arms he melted,
Hot like august sand-
She called to him in the rolling
Yet he heard no words,
As her lips mouthed his name
In the silence of the woolen fog-
He treated every moment as if it were
The last-
Or the first*


Deep breaths do their best to conceal-
but only they can do so much-
unless you fertilize your core,
you’ll only be oxygenating your failures
time and again-
one can be alive without having truly lived-
one can be aware without having ever
one can enjoy without having ever enjoyed
the dreams that they’ve yearned for so deeply-
deep breaths do their best to conceal-
to suffuse the body with a layer of calm-
to falsify the facts and weave a
façade of peace and serenity-
deep breaths allow us a split second
to catch our breath-
to buy us time until we find ourselves
in the zone of our most treasured thoughts-
it’s there that we will we learn to exhale the stagnant
wind of our past,
in order to make room for the rush of the now-
it’s not a race against time,
as we will never beat the clock*


I thought of you as I closed my
Eyes to sleep last night-
To dream-
I thought of knowing you-
Through years-
Both abundant-
I used to know your
I knew your smiles-
I knew your laughter-
I knew your eyes when they
Looked at me-
I knew your voice when we
And your hands when we
I thought of you as I closed my
Eyes to sleep last night-
To dream-
And I saw you there-