Writing Prompt Project – Day 7

Things are moving right along with this writing project, and I’m steaming full blast into Day 7. Thanks so much to those that are taking the time to check it out! It’s very much appreciated.

Day 7 – What sets you apart from the crowd?

What sets me apart from the crowd? Not being afraid to be separated from the crowd. In my opinion, that’s the major determining factor that sets me apart; a willingness to sail my own ship, rather than be a passenger on someone else’s. It’s entirely too easy to allow other people or factors to determine the course of your life; the true challenge lurks in the concept of paving your own unique path. Detaching from the norm may feel a bit odd at first, but that separation is what defines us; it’s remarkable to think about how much we can learn about ourselves simply by separating from the herd and finding our own road. We are all so full of fascinating intricacies and little microscopic details, and it’s hard to fully discern them when we’re lumped about in a homogenous mass. So many people are so concerned with the notion of individuality that they become like every other person that’s trying to be an individual. At the end of they day, it’s not about trying to be different, it’s simply about being who you are and living the way you feel. Be the shepherd, not the sheep!

For eons, I was apprehensive to do my thing; it was much easier to blend in and emulate the flock. Only in later years did I learn to accept my differences, and wear them as a badge of honor. Most kids were gravitating toward the usual crop of sports (I do love the typical sports), while I was feeding an addiction to rugby. Most kids enrolled in Spanish, while I gravitated toward French and German (although looking back, I totally should have taken Spanish). While everyone was listening to top 40 tunes on the radio, I was rocking out to Richard Wagner, Beethoven, and film scores. I did my own thing, and I eventually learned to embrace it. I was simply interested in trying new things, learning about different cultures, and using that knowledge to grow as an individual. The world is indeed a fascinating place. Not being afraid to separate myself from the crowd in order to find my own happiness is one of the major factors that make me who I am.

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  1. Paula

    I totally agree! It’s always more difficult to stand alone for what you believe in when so many others are pulling you over to their beliefs. People are so easily swayed, and that’s why many truly don’t know who they are. I’m still soul searching for who I am!!

  2. Marc

    As we travel along life’s journey, it is important to discover that our purpose, is to shed the mask of inauthenticity, and endeavor to seek out our true selves, for this is where we find wholeness and joy! The Ancient Egyptians believed that upon death they would be asked two questions which would determine whether or not they entered into the afterlife. First ‘did you bring joy?’ The second, ‘did you find joy?’ True joy is predicated on finding and living our passions, and living our own truths. Great insight Gary! Thanks for sharing.

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