Writing Prompt Project – Day 8

I’ve surpassed the 1 week mark on the challenge; take a look at today’s offerings!

Day 8 – Tell your life story from someone else’s point of view.

I can accurately be described as a semi closed, multiple volume set of encyclopedias, but in all honesty, who isn’t? Most individuals are not altogether transparent. There are very few people that walk around with life stories printed on their foreheads for all to see. Information is essentially given when required, and if not, it’s kept within those dusty volumes that we store inside of our brains. Here’s how a conversation about me would typically transpire:

Person 1 – “So who’s that Gary guy”?

Person 2 – “Well, um, he’s that one guy, right? The black one”?

Person 1 – “Yeah, that’s him. What’s his story”?

Person 2 – “Um, I dunno. Beats me, dude”.

The end.

Or perhaps it would go like this:

Dude 1 – “From what I know about Gary, uh, he’s a pretty legit dude, man. He speaks very highly of his family, friends, and acquaintances, and is a pretty mild mannered and righteous mother. Like, he’s definitely, like, pretty chill. I think his experiences in life have shaped him in like a way that allows him to like see the world in a whole different light, bro. You know what I mean. He’s like a thinker, man…he’s pretty philosophical. I don’t know too much about his life, you know, but what I do know is pretty cool. Booyah, bro. Peace out”.

That’s probably how it would go. I can be very vague, so Dude 1 would have to surmise based on a general lack of solid facts.

Get your butt on over to www.concreteorchid.com for my sister’s take on the Day 8 challenge!

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