Writing Prompt Project – Day 10

Booyah! 10 days into this challenge, and still going strong.

Day 10 – What do you want to be remembered for?

Who you are and how you choose to live your life will ultimately dictate your legacy, if indeed you earn one. What will people remember about ol’ Gary, if anything? I earnestly hope that I am remembered for having some sort of positive impact on at least one person’s life; to have aided, assisted, or helped to improve someone in some small way. I think that’s all we can hope for, in terms of being remembered. Creating an atmosphere of happiness, a sphere of goodwill that others can feed off of; it’s as simple as a smile here, a kind gesture there, or words of encouragement for those in need. As the cliche goes, the smallest, most meaningless things to you may have an enormous impact on others; it’s all about sharing the wealth, creating a culture of balance, and solidifying an uplifting foundation. If I’m to be remembered, I want to be remembered as the guy that always had a genuine smile for everyone that I met. In my eyes, there is no greater lasting legacy.


  1. Paula

    Totally agree with you. It’s a shame too many don’t see it that way. So many are caught up with materialism and they only see money and they judge people by what they have. Simply smiling and saying “Good morning” to a homeless person who looks lost and isn’t clean can maybe make their day. By seeing him/her as a human being worthy of a smile and a greeting, could maybe make him/her feel appreciated and make our soul smile!

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