Writing Prompt Project – Day 9

Moving right along! Today’s topic deals with a personal favorite of mine, and tugs at my heart strings like a drunken open heart surgeon.

Day 9 – What was your favorite childhood toy?

I LOVE TOYS. That’s the only appropriate way to begin this piece. Toys were an incredibly important element of my childhood; I was that kid that loved toys so much, that I meticulously laid the blueprint for my December 25th by plotting my Christmas list in June. I eagerly awaited the arrival of the gigantic Spiegel catalog that would arrive fresh and new during the end of summer, and I’d spend the next few months with my nose wedged between those pages searching for the shiny new goods that I’d ask Santa for. If it was a toy, I wanted it. My imagination was never ending, and toys were somewhat of an escape into a world of action; a realm where heroes ruled, and where the muzzle flash of machine gun fire lit up the night sky.

There were He-Man toys; mid sized, non poseable, and only fun for about 15 minutes. There were Star Wars toys; stiff legged mini statues that were essentially only fun to look at. My sister had her fair share of Barbie dolls, and I took great pleasure in loading them up into her giant red convertible and crashing it into a wall. Oddly enough, my mother thought that it was a good idea to buy me a Cabbage Patch doll named Denny Cody; that bad boy came decked out in a KC Royals outfit, and that gift was quite the surprise. I even had a Michael Jackson doll (the Beat It version) as well as an MC Hammer doll, complete with battery powered silver boom box and glittery gold Hammer pants.

The king of all toys though, was the G.I. Joe. This fully poseable, fully playable lord of colored plastics littered our house like flotsam after the storm of the century. My brother and I would spend our time setting up entire G.I. Joe worlds, only to realize that once we took all day to set them up, we really didn’t feel like playing with them anymore. The real fun was being transported to that zone; that fantasy world where action ruled, and where guys named Buzzer and Ripper terrorized the world as members of the evil organization Cobra. Boys thrive on action, and G.I. Joe was able to rescue me from the real world, and transplant me into a land of gut wrenching glory, larger than life patriotism, and endless playability. G.I. Joe – a real American hero.

Check out http://www.concreteorchid.com to see what toys my sister obsessed over as a kid!



  1. gypsy11

    your mother sounds like a cool chick! Great story Gary. You took me back and gave me a good chuckle.

  2. angie

    So just why are you not writing for a living? I am so enjoying your project! I will have to go check out your sisters as well! Miss your face AND your great personality!!

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