Writing Prompt Project – Day 15

Day 15 – Create a character who is falsely accused of a crime.

Poor little Billy; perpetually considered the boy that cried wolf often enough that others refused to believe a word he said. Billy was ever the jokester, and got a massive kick out of spooking his friends and challenging the mores of normality. You could say that Billy was a slightly odd fellow; his obsession with Halloween masks in particular garnered him loads of attention during the month of October. Boys far and wide knew of his fancifully detailed and meticulously gruesome masks; in his collection were snarling wolves, smiling dwarves, a frowning leprechaun, an angry brontosaurus, and a demonic pelican.

On a stormy and particularly windy Halloween night, all of the neighborhood kids were out and about tricking themselves into bucket loads of candy and confections. The festivities were packed, and all manner of children and old folk were enjoying the delightful creepiness of the evening. Billy eagerly hid behind bushes and laughed hysterically as he dashed out like a man possessed at passing girls. They erupted into high pitched shrieks and cursed him fiercely as they scurried away from him. He was parading around in his newest costume that night; a fully equipped mock up of a terrifying horned otter.

As the night progressed, several kids reported a dark figure accosting them on various side streets. The mysterious bandit was dressed in a fur like pelt, a very angry, gerbil esque mask, and they noticed a foul, gamey smell. They were certain that it was Billy, up to his old tricks, who’d been spotted earlier snorting around like a rabid beast while attempting to steal their candy baskets. Several concerned parents stormed out to confront Billy’s parents, but they were told that Billy overdosed on stolen candy hours earlier, and had been sound asleep for hours. They were all certain that the ravaging rodent was none other than Billy, but they were mistaken; the mystery persists to this day.


  1. gypsy11

    loved the story. i guess those who were accosted by the “bandit who was dressed in a fur like pelt, a very angry, gerbil esque mask, with the foul, gamey smell” are lucky to be alive! Haaaahahaaaha!

  2. Paula

    Wow! You had me wanting to hear more – you definitely created a sense of intrigue and mystery. Good job!

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