Writing Prompt Project – Day 17

Day – 17 – Write a short scenario set in the kitchen of a fast food restaurant.

This is a brief, fictional summary of a recent article that I read concerning a kid who found a severed finger in his Arby’s sandwich.

“FUCK!”, she wailed quietly as the razor edged blade slashed right through the soft tip of her finger. The blow was so sudden that a few seconds passed before she fully realized just what had happened. She raised her trembling hand to her face, and looked aghast as the tip of her index finger was cleanly sliced off. The blood began to trickle slowly, and then flow heavily, and she ran to the supervisor’s office in a state of agony and fear.

Cut to Johnny, fresh out of baseball practice, a normal teenager grabbing a bite to eat at his favorite sandwich spot. He was so hungry after the day’s practice; all he could think about while running bases was biting into a thick, juicy roast beef sandwich. He sped to the nearest Arby’s, and hurried to the counter to order his bountiful meal. A sandwich was prepared with freshly sliced beef, wrapped, and placed on his tray. He paid, sat, and prepared to destroy this beast of a sandwich like a wild squirrel with rabies. It was the meal of his young life…until he felt something unusually rubbery grinding about between his teeth. “That doesn’t feel like beef”, he thought, as he grabbed for the mysterious oral invader. What he pulled out would forever alter his desire for beef; what he yanked from his mouth was the tip of the employees finger, which had been packed neatly into his sandwich with care.

Check out http://www.concreteorchid.com for Andrea’s culinary tale.

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