Writing Prompt Project – Day 18

I have been the victim of some bona fide slacking…but I have returned with some new material!

Day 18 – Take a reader behind the wheel with the worst driver that you’ve ever known.

I’ve known many a disastrous driver in my time; it’s a fair assessment to say that there are many people who truly don’t deserve to man a moving vehicle. Or a non moving vehicle for than matter. ***To protect the identity of the offender, all names have been changed***. One sunny, pleasant afternoon, *Johnny was gliding down the road on his way to work. He was around 17 years old, was fresh out of high school for the day, and was on his way to work sacking groceries at the local supermarket.

As he approached the entrance to the strip mall where the supermarket was located, he noticed an ambulance parked out in front of a book store parked at a four way stop. He slowed a bit and patiently waited his turn to proceed through the stop. After a brief wait, his turn arrived, and he began to drive through the stop; words cannot accurately describe what happened next, but Johnny, grossly miscalculating the distance between his car and the ambulance, did the unthinkable…he grazed the ambulance. And we’re not talking grazed…he straight up sideswiped a parked ambulance.

Johnny’s car shuddered violently as he slashed the parked vehicle, and the harshness of the blow must have triggered the ambulance’s siren a bit, as Johnny heard it yelp a bit as he scurried away. Not looking back, he gripped the steering wheel tightly and sped to the supermarket, white knuckled and sweating, and tried his best to wipe the horror story from his young memory. Poor Johnny.

*Names have been changed to protect the offender.

Read all about Andrea’s horrific driving tale at http://www.concreteorchid.com.


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