I disappeared with my thoughts behind a stray
tuft of cloud,
sentiments tucked tightly under my arm as I
stole away into the soft stillness of that airborne
I plunged into its gentle depths,
a spirited dive into a mysterious silence-
I was alone in that space,
floating with the herd, when
I opened my box of thoughts-
a cold wind swirled and scattered them
like old photos left on a desk and tossed
by a soft summer breeze-
I saw the events of my life collected in snippets
like old film slides-
some colors faded, some rich and still full,
and as bright as the day that they were made-
I saw that, in life, we are sometimes guided
by the twisting and winding of the wind-
children of the universe, whose directions
are often determined on the fly-
wards of fate-
the sky reminds me of that*


  1. paula

    As usual your choice of words are awesome! Like scented candles in my home, I read your poetry and am taken to a very relaxing and soothing place! …sentiments tucked tightly under my arm….soft stillness of that airborne mass…..a spirited dive into a mysterious silence….floating with the herd … Keep writing G! I feel ya!!

  2. gypsy11

    So true Gary. We are often guided by the thoughts that are prominent in our minds that are conjured up at the time for whatever reason. You remind us beautifully.

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