Random words tend to materialize on the
wings of an autumn breeze-
scattered letters become sentences,
questions fuse with answers,
and ponderous thoughts develop into
daring plans-
the doubts of summer, those swirling dramas
and negativities, the stress and the toil
that clogged our systems like ragweed and
dander, dissolve under the clarity of October
winds and November breaths-
each step is a new chapter in an old book,
read and re-read many times over,
its pages crinkled at the edges, and yellowed
with age-
each autumn is another chance
to be free,
to discover,
and to move forward*



  1. gypsy11

    It feels like change is in the air. Like old ideas, thoughts, actions, seasons are making way for something new and fresh. i literally feel that happening in my environment now.

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