The Passing at Highway 10 – part 7

I remember saying, “you ready”? She said “yes sir”, and I can’t help but smile when I remember that one.  I’d left the rig running, you see, so I slid her right into gear and set off for Highway 10.  Pulling out of Harvey’s, though, I knew it was going to be a hell of a drive to the Rim.  The rain was coming down so god damned hard that I could barely see 15 feet in front of me.  You know how they say sometimes that rain comes down in sheets?  Hell, that night it was coming down in beds, blankets, the whole damned kitchen sink, let me tell you.  I flicked the radio on, and it was that old jazz singer from the 50’s that all of the ladies used to love.  The guy had a smooth, relaxing voice; the kind of voice that you like to have on in the background on a first date.  Sally started to talk about her night; the customers, the regulars, and all of the crazy shit that goes on inside a bar.  She had me laughing more than a few times, and we chatted and traded tales back and forth.  This guy Bill, a regular, got kicked out tonight for getting blitzed and chucking a few bottles around.  I actually used to know the guy, so it cracked me up thinking about good old Bill losing it.  He used to be a religious guy, but he went downhill after his wife left him.  I always tried to tell him that busting her lip was the worst way to say “I love you”.

I slid back in my chair a bit to relax, and the conversation had me smiling and at ease.  I’d been cruising those roads and hauling loads for years, so I wasn’t nervous about the rain, but something just felt off.  Sally didn’t seem to notice a thing, she was just talking away, but a roadie knows his roads.  I just wanted her to be comfortable, so I didn’t say anything about my crazy feelings.  Maybe it was just darker than normal or something, but I couldn’t get 100% relaxed.  The roads were clear, though; nobody was on those bastards.  They probably weren’t fool enough to come out in that shit, I guess.  I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have to.  Rim was only about 20 miles down Route 10, but the slow going made it seem longer.  I didn’t mind the slow pace because of the good company, but I was driving at least 20 under the speed limit because of that rain.


  1. Paula

    Just the few words, “something felt off” makes me grip my laptop tighter as I enjoy the ride!! Looking forward to the next chapter!! This also gives me a sense of what life on the road is like for truckers. I drove out west from the east coast and saw many a trucker at truck stops. So this is what some of them are thinking!!

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