Library Lusting.

Ok, so this room isn’t 100% my perfectly brewed cup of tea, but it is important to highlight the qualities and characteristics of different spaces.  This week’s selection is definitely of the old, almost baroque style; heavy, ornate wood, lots of gold and shiny little accents and accouterments, and an overall density and stout robustness that screams quality craftsmanship.  So it’s a solid room, to say the least, reminiscent of the smoking/card playing rooms that appear in the classic movies.  And hey, it’s chock full of books and a sweet spiral staircase.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Let the daydreams commence.



    • wyco

      What a cool, Indiana Jones style touch that would make…now that would add to the mystique. Add a nice dusty decanter with some pristine aged scotch…I’m there.

    • wyco

      Finally! A room that you can appreciate! This is definitely more your style than the minimal joints. This space has class and character.

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