The Passing at Highway 10 – Part 15

I parked in front and kept her running, and made a point to keep the damn doors locked tight.  I’d always kept a small pistol in the glove box just in case; I’d broken her out, and that little honey was sitting in the console in front of me, locked and loaded and ready to talk.  Sally started punching numbers into her phone, trying to get a hold of some of the family that she had in town.  I had half a nerve to get out and knock like hell on the door of The Beak, but after hearing crickets at the sheriff’s station, I figured I’d sit tight in the cab until Sally could find out what the word was around town.  I picked up my own phone and tried to get a hold of Sam, but all I got was a voicemail.  She dialed two or three numbers, and cussed quietly when she got nothing but voicemails as well.  She dialed the last number, which she said was her cousin Jane; as the phone rang, she explained to me that they’d been really close growing up, but hadn’t spent much time around each other the past few years.  Something about a falling out; I knew all about family fall outs.  That shit was the story of my life.  I’ve fallen out so much, I should be walking around wearing a fucking parachute.

I heard Sally say hello.  I couldn’t hear what was being said on the line, but I tried to piece together what I could from Sally’s facial expressions.  She said a lot of “what’s” and “where’s”, and wore a blank expression.  I kept glancing around out the windows trying to get a bead on any movement.  I wanted to make sure no frisky bastards were lurking around in the dark out there, taking advantage of all that blackness.  So I kept watch while she kept talking, and I halfheartedly wanted to cut her off and start asking her what the hell she found out.  She nodded and said “ok” a few times, said goodbye, and then slowly lowered the phone to her lap.  She just sort of sat there for a second with a puzzled look spread about her face, and I just stared at her, waiting for her to spill the scoop to me.  She looked over at me and explained what her cousin had told her over the phone.  Apparently, a bunch of coked out kids got a little wild and rowdy and kind of tore up the town a bit.  Something about a gang, or a group, or a gang fight, maybe, but I guess these kids got into it with the locals and tore the town up pretty good before they roamed off.   It got violent too, she said; a few people got hurt pretty bad trying to stop them.


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