Peace is in the flutter of the
leaf as it sails deep into the wind-
peace is under the shade of the oak tree
in August,
and within the ray of sunlight in January-
it’s in the moment that we make
amends with the past,
and it rests in the contentment of the present-
peace is the gift opened by those brave souls,
those with guts enough to recognize it-
peace is the soul of every smile,
every sigh,
every amiable touch-
it is a gift for the courageous,
earned by spreading wings amid
and navigating oceans with closed eyes-
we are all blind to the next step-
that’s just life-
finding comfort in that mystery is


One comment

  1. gypsy11

    …..and peace is acceptance and knowing that there’s nothing missing or lacking, and yes finding comfort in the mystery of it all.

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