Clara’s Heart – 1988

Whoopi Goldberg; my all time favorite eyebrow-less Oscar host.  Neil Patrick Harris; the ultimate in kid dweebery made famous playing Doogie Howser, M.D., and a former child star that has maintained surprisingly lasting relevance.  Put the two together and you get Clara’s Heart, a little known 1988 emotional concoction.  It’s very much a quintessential coming of age story, following the journey of teen David Hart through the wreckage of his parent’s dissolving marriage, and the subsequent burgeoning friendship that he develops with his housekeeper, played by Goldberg.  With the tumult of his home life as a backdrop, we’re allowed to take a gander at the boy’s internal struggles with school, his social awkwardness, his desire to find self identity, and his drive to make the swim team.  We’re also given a glimpse into a mysterious and deeply troubling incident that has followed Goldberg’s character for years.  Together, they begin to fill a void, and through that friendship, begin to learn a great deal about themselves.  Clara’s Heart; not an Oscar winner by any means, but a story that’s well worth a watch.  By the way, the trailer below is pretty awfully atrocious, but it’s the only link that would work!



  1. gypsy11

    did you know that in the scene with the two little girls smiling (while the singing was taking place), the girl on the left is your cousin little Rashida? This movie was filmed in Baltimore and they found every dreadlocked soul to play in it. It’s like everyone in B-more has dreadlocks. funny. Your aunts played in it too.

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