We sit and dream about our wants and needs and goals-
We think, we imagine, we gripe, and yet we still sit-
If we do nothing, we get just that – nothing.
Getting what we want is about grabbing life by the reins
And taking control of those dreams-
It’s about fleshing out those goals-
And shutting out those gripes-
It’s about standing up, leading from the front,
And getting what needs to be gotten,
And doing it today rather than tomorrow-
Now, instead of later-
It’s about taking ownership and seeing things
Through to completion-
Life is like a ward, a district, and it will rise
With us, or fall with us-
We determine its outcome-
We decide whether or not it will decline or thrive-
Create a dynasty, or create a ghost town-
Win or lose, it’s up to us and all about how
Bad we want it-
In the end, you either want it bad or not at all-
The question is, how bad?


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