I put my ear to the cold blocks of stone,
craggy slabs deftly fitted and positioned,
a makeshift wall built of stone and earth,
erected for a reason only known to time-
“why”, the wind whispered in a child’s voice-
starlight glinted off of the heights and told a story
with each passing flutter,
stories of love stronger than any stone stacked
on that barricade,
stories of love more dense than any blockade
or bulwark or enclosure ever constructed by man-
“why”, the child whispered gently into the wind,
a voice carried with the precision of an old
explorer deep into the heart,
and with a ferocity that eroded the edges
of the ramparts smooth-
I put my ear to the warm blocks of stone,
heated by the tenderness of the voice carried
so gingerly on the wind,
its echo resonating off of the walls and shattering
them to rubble,
until the sun shone through in threads of yellow
and red-
I breathed and took a step into the open arms
of faith*


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