Days produce trials,
and trials produce courage-
courage bears perseverance,
and perseverance breeds fortitude-
the theme goes on and on, ad infinitum…
days produce trials, and those challenges
force some to retreat like the low tide
behind the false sanctuary and illusory safety
of bricks and chain links and bars of wrought
iron, and deep within the boundaries of the mind-
monolithic barriers meant for defense,
to deflect the blows given by the dramas of the
walls to forget,
walls erected to give the impression of protection—
walls though, are an obstacle-
their very construction is long and arduous and tedious,
soaking up precious hours and days and years of manpower and energy-
entirely too much thought and time given to such a Sisyphean effort-
building them will not protect, but will
ultimately prevent one from defending themselves
from the storm,
weakened by attrition and starved and blinded of
the truth from living a partitioned life-
walls are obstacles meant to be leapt over at
adventure races,
not shields meant to block the rays of the world,
however warm or cold-
they cannot and should not define you,
cannot and should not control you,
but they will take the wheel when you let them,
and steer you into another dam of their choosing,
thus limiting you time and again-
once in, what gets out?
like an old submarine without the ability to release ballast,
sinking beneath the depths of the sea,
such is the effect of holding it all in…
down you’ll go, no buoyancy left, plummeting
swiftly to a life under the silt of the deep,
unstirred and untouched in the darkness of that
frigid cold-
if you can’t find the key, then find a rock, and if you can’t
find a rock, then use your hands…anything,
to wear the shackles loose from those barricades,
and tear down any obstruction restricting you from
being you and keeping your enthusiasm concealed-
in the film ‘Field of Dreams’, the theme was
“Build it, and they will come”…
with regard to walls, build them, and they
should run-
life will strike with thunder and lightning like
it’s always done…the moment you crouch behind
a bulwark, your days are officially numbered-
the person that emerges will be emaciated
by the effects of living within them-
the person that emerges is often unrecognizable
from the one that entered-
step up to the plate and lead—don’t hide-
days produce trials,
and trials produce courage-
courage bears perseverance,
and perseverance breeds fortitude-
the theme goes on and on, ad infinitum…*


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