The universe carries my words in a whisper to your
ear each night like a bird delivering its message
high into the stillness-
it fuses my heart to yours each night, an
extra layer of warmth to stave off the chill
like a grandmother’s old patchwork quilt hanging
proudly on a bedroom wall…
my arms drift silently over you like a fog of comfort—
into the bloodstream these words go,
into the spirit, there to blend with the intricacies of the soul-
into the heart they go, through the valves
and chambers…into the mind-
indelible affection injected into you like
a vaccine,
as beautiful as twin red flowers on a kitchen table,
as determined as the bamboo that refuses to quit-
words spoken without speaking, like a daily devotional,
delivered gently into the palm of your hand like lips to
willing skin*


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