Spirits rise and fall like the empires of old,
but salted earth eventually bears fruit-
spirits may fall heavily like the trunks of felled trees,
but will rise again like the delicacy of spring green-
today, I am stronger—
today, I am more powerful than doubt,
today, I am faster than fear,
today, I am wiser than jealousy,
or failure,
or worry,
today, I am far above anxiety,
timidity, or any ill that creeps silently into the
psyche under the cover of night like a shadow-
there may often be no gas left in the tank,
but there are still wheels on the car…
keep on pushing until you reach your point B.


One comment

  1. gypsy11

    I love this message. And there may be no gas left in the tank, but there will always be fuel available to refill the tank if you seek it.

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