A man mounted a horse one day,
a man full of fear…
fear of the power that the beast held within,
fear of the speed that the animal was capable of,
and a fear of taking the reins and of taking control-
naturally, the horse then assumed responsibility…
he sensed the man’s fear, wrested control, and bucked
the man face first into the dirt-
life is full of parallels—
take a back seat, and someone else has to
take the wheel-
having a bad day does not mean that you have to
become the bad day,
just as being angry does not mean that you have to become
lose control, and that bad day will become a bad few days,
which will in turn develop into a bad week, which will
create a bad month, all of which could potentially morph into a bad
you’ll look in the mirror one morning and realize that you’ve
become one very big bad day-
hate Mondays? Every day will be a dreaded Monday if you allow
that dreaded mentality to grow into your bones-
you will, just like in the old cartoons, become a tiny ball of ice
rolling down a hill, catching speed and gaining snow along the
way, rapidly rolling into a massive snowball speeding down a hill,
enveloping everything and everyone around it…
it’s about preventing that bad day from speaking your name and
defining you-
you hit those closest to you and suck them into that frosty tomb
it’s ok to be angry…just don’t become anger-
it’s alright to be disappointed, as long as you don’t personify
it’s ok to feel…
just ensure that you remain in control of those feelings-
wrest control of your hours, your days, your weeks…
wrest control of your emotions and remind yourself
of where and who you are, and where you’re going…
and most of all, just how you’ll get there-
be the rider that grabs the reins and soaks up the wind
at full gallop*


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