With you,
the rain pats softer on the windowsill,
and the thunder bellows louder throughout
the breadth of the clouds,
like a lone voice rippling
through the waves of a cavern-
with you,
the lightning weaves tighter around the depth
of the storm, winding like swollen veins
among the pulsing torrent,
the droplets pounding harder against the earth’s
open arms-
with you,
the seconds seem to find their lost intensity,
the hours seem to breathe more clearly,
and the days manage to discover that long elusive
with you, the sun nuzzled leaves stand out sharper against the
lush lips of the blue sky,
the blossoms below it ripening richer under its warm embrace-
with you,
the crickets sing louder under the thicket of stars,
the beautiful, repeating simplicity of their song echoing gently amid the cool dark of night,
those stars flickering like candles among the soft glint of moon glow-
with you,
the world is rich with a flavor that rings wonderfully on the tongue-
with you,
the sky is a distant world with lands just waiting to be claimed-
with you,
the mysteries of time tick dutifully on the face of my watch-
with you, I stand proud and tall,
the smile on my lips spread as wide as the broad arms of spring*


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