1. K'lee L.

    Yes, brother. And each time we remind ourselves, we give permission for Life to rush into us, charging us with the flame of inspiration, carrying us forward to a bigger, brighter tomorrow…

      • K'lee L.

        Ah, but how we humans, experiencing this human existence, tend to wrestle and grapple with claiming the light Life blessed each of us with?

        I mean this only in the sense that if we continually claimed the greatness inherent within us, there would be no more struggle on any level. We’d celebrate all the time as we express the best of ourselves and naturally inspire others without so much as lifting a finger…

        Possible? Yes.

        Likely? Maybe not so much?

        Still, I remain eternally optimistic!

      • wyco

        If only we were truly cognizant of the power within! What would life be, if we as humans were able to recognize that force? We may all become Jedi with that sort of realization taking hold. It’s a great concept to consider, though, and the immense positives that would undoubtedly emerge. Possible? Absolutely! I’d like to think so…in our lifetime? As you said, not likely, but that optimism is what keeps the ship moving.

      • K'lee L.

        Yes, sir. I can see you’re on the vibration… Hold the ship steady and I’ll do the same… Thanks for this great conversation, brother.

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