My salvation was there-
a foot away from me-
but separated by
a thousand miles-
my salvation was there
on those quiet roads-
veiled by a dense green-
and topped by a faded
my salvation was there
in those houses-
and cloudy-
and alive-
with the soul of my
their windows tipped
with firelights-
and their facades as welcoming
as an old friend-
my salvation was there
in those distant hills-
a verdant dream-
that whispered to me like
an echo-
my salvation was there-
a foot away from me-
and I knew it-
it was in the valleys-
the trees-
it was in the sky-
and the stoic walls-
it was there all along-
and I knew it-
I found it where I’d
never searched-
but where my heart has
always been-
my salvation was there-
and that’s where I
had to leave it*



  1. lonadeanna

    I mean seriously… holy cow… think you need to put another book together, or is this already in one? I’m so glad a visited your archives this far… that’s where the true gold is. Awesome πŸ‘πŸΌ

    • wyco

      This bad boy is book-less…just a random entry in the collection. I’d forgotten all about this one, actually! Thanks for checking it out and taking a shine on it! One of these days I will get another book out there…it’s on the list of things to accomplish.

      • lonadeanna

        A while back I had a follower on ig ( who was some sort of life coach) asked me wheither I had considered writing a book? I replied in pretty much the same way…with… “Oneday, I hope to. She replied with “Why not today? I didn’t have a response to that. Because she was right. There was no real valid reason that was stopping me from doing it today, all the things that were… fear…not feeling ready… believing it won’t be read worthy…etc, all those reasons weren’t valid reasons. I was standing in my own way. I built those walls, of fear and doubt. She was right. If I didn’t start taking those necessary steps ( small successes) it won’t ever happen, because “oneday” or “one of these days” isn’t a signed contract confirming it’s going to happen. I’m writing that book. 😊

      • wyco

        Exactly…there is no perfect time other than the present moment. It’s true…why not now? It’s as good a time as any, and it beats tomorrow, which may never come. Fear is the wall….can’t let it be a barrier. What will happen if you don’t do it is worse than what will happen if you DO. Write that book!

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