1. gypsy11

    It IS an immense challenge to change beliefs you’ve held for decades. And you’re right, it’s NOT impossible to do so.

    • wyco

      It is most certainly possible when the mind is programmed to do so. Can’t wait for you to share some nuggets of knowledge!

  2. K'lee L.

    A friend once said to me the Universe loves us so unconditionally, it’s willing to give us everything we ask for… even the ‘negative stuff’. Great piece, brother.

    • wyco

      That’s so true…what we ask for, we receive! Positive and negative. That’s why we have to be so careful and selective in our verbiage and self talk, because it’s so easy to create a hollow graveyard with a consistently negative mindset. It’s a constant and necessary journey for us all.

      • wyco

        Thanks, man! That old photo was looking a little too moody. Had to brighten and freshen it up a bit. And I realized I hadn’t changed it in 2 years or so. Had to update!

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