Essential Egon – Four Trees, 1917.

Four trees, 1917.



  1. gypsy11

    My word! This is beautiful. I see he wasn’t all “weird.” He had a soft side. Which makes him an artist in the first place I’m sure.

    • wyco

      He had quite the diversified portfolio…keep a look out for more landscapes and portraiture in future Essential installments.

  2. gypsy11

    ..and I think “weird” is not an accurate assessment. “free” might be a better term from me. I’m not sure how others feel. I love his work though and glad to see it and other works featured. How about some of yours as well?

    • wyco

      He is the very definition of expressionistic, with his elongated and distorted forms and raw display of emotionally driven work. Maybe I’ll dust off a few of mine to feature at some point! Thanks for reading!

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