From the Vault.

Originally posted back in 2011, this piece candidly portrays the passage of time, as our yesterdays, todays, and tomorrow’s reveal their distinct importance and influence upon our lives.  Each element holds a wealth of information, and each has a profound impact. Enjoy!
“Tomorrow is always the same”, today whispered

to yesterday,

and yesterday replied with a faint, flat smile;

leaves glistened in the crisp autumn breeze

as they discussed the significance of

hours and years,

time and eons,

the past and the present-

“tomorrow is actually what you make it”, today remarked

to yesterday after a long pause,

and both agreed in kind.

Tomorrow nodded in acceptance and mentioned

to today that yesterday should not be leaned

upon completely,

for today was the leader of the pack-

tomorrow said, “without you, I would not exist”;

“your efforts influence my outcome”-

but he pointed to yesterday and insisted

“you are equally important”, he said, “because

without you, today would not exist.

Without your intentions, he would not react-

without his reaction, what could I reveal?”

“we need each other”,

they all unanimously agreed-

“when we work in tandem, a strand of peace

weaves itself within and between us, and life

ensures that we will stride forward intact”-

they all nodded in agreement.

-G. Boston



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