Spread the Positivity – an Invitation to my Etsy store.

The world today has its fair share of challenges, right?  It seems like, at every turn, the news is chock full of negative stories and pessimistic headlines.  Where, then, is the joy?  Well, for starters, it’s up to each and every one of us to foster a culture of positivity within ourselves…that’s where it begins.  With us.  And as a result, we owe it to ourselves to spread those good tidings…they’re infectious!
I invite you to check out my Etsy page; there you’ll find a slew of quotes and little bits of prose that, I hope, will inspire you to seek a smidgen of happiness in your day to day dealings, create or enjoy a smile or laugh, and build your own culture of appreciation, acceptance, and gratitude.  A reminder to seek dreams and start projects, to discover ourselves and to empower and strengthen others.  The world could use so much more of that vibe, and so can we as its inhabitants. Let’s do our best to create and spread that sentiment.
Give it a browse and take a look; and while you’re there, grab a 5×5 print, poem, book, or sticker.

Live today. 



  1. gypsy11

    A beautiful display of encouragement, help, hope, positivity, inspiration and so much more! You know I’ll be purchasing some for myself and gifts for others.

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