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Spread the Positivity – an Invitation to my Etsy store.

The world today has its fair share of challenges, right?  It seems like, at every turn, the news is chock full of negative stories and pessimistic headlines.  Where, then, is the joy?  Well, for starters, it’s up to each and every one of us to foster a culture of positivity within ourselves…that’s where it begins.  With us.  And as a result, we owe it to ourselves to spread those good tidings…they’re infectious!
I invite you to check out my Etsy page; there you’ll find a slew of quotes and little bits of prose that, I hope, will inspire you to seek a smidgen of happiness in your day to day dealings, create or enjoy a smile or laugh, and build your own culture of appreciation, acceptance, and gratitude.  A reminder to seek dreams and start projects, to discover ourselves and to empower and strengthen others.  The world could use so much more of that vibe, and so can we as its inhabitants. Let’s do our best to create and spread that sentiment.
Give it a browse and take a look; and while you’re there, grab a 5×5 print, poem, book, or sticker.

Live today. 


Theatrical Thursday – ‘The Quest for the Mighty Sword’ (1990).

Ten bucks certainly can’t buy much these days; a measly movie ticket, maybe a six pack, a mess of cheap tacos, or a beer at a ball game.  Oddly enough, ten dollars can sometimes finance your movie.  Ok, maybe this film cost twelve bucks to make. Want to be a filmmaker?  Grab your beefiest best friend, a ratty blonde weave, some fur covered fruit of the looms, a few dwarves for a little “Lord of the Rings” flavor, and get to filming.  That’s exactly what the makers of The Quest for the Mighty Sword did.  Vomit inducing dialog?  Check.  Cookie cutter, fifth grade school play quality, 80’s porn-esque backdrops?  Check.  Absolutely, incredibly, mindbendingly ridiculous storyline?  You know it.  A dude with a sword that fights robots?  All i can say is wow.  I truly don’t think anyone ever successfully pulled off a Conan meets Battlestar Galactica mix.  This flick takes you down a dark alley that you’d normally avoid at all costs, lest you get stabbed unmercifully.  The film follows a guy named Ator on his journey to free his people from a magically evil dwarf troll (like you really care what this movie is about), while battling mythical creatures along the way.  That pretty much sums it up; the key to watching a flick like this is keeping an open mind, and trying really hard not to take it seriously.  Surprisingly, director Joe d’Amato did.  All jokes aside, it’s a hilariously fun ride, and props to d’Amato for crafting a truly memorable piece of work.  Also, much respect to Eric Allan Kramer, who is one hell of a talented actor, and was just the man to connect the dots and hold this thing together. Needless to say, as a true film fan, this flick is a must watch purely for the sake of an hour and a half of utter fun and a good deal of belly laughs.

Check it out!

Note – this movie scored a whopping 2/10 rating on IMDB.com.