• wyco

      Thanks, brother! I am a winter fanatic…I love all thing snow, cabin (and everything else in between), or winter related. Gotta share my frosty addiction with you all!

      • K'lee L.

        Got a good friend living in Vermont. Got to admit I’m more the ‘island boy’ when it comes to seasons and temps! I mention my Vermont friend ’cause every time he’s invited me to visit in the wintertime, I’ve had to find a new way to politely decline!!!

      • wyco

        What?! You’re missing out, man! Few things are as peaceful and reflective as a good snowy day. I come alive as the temps drop!

      • K'lee L.

        Lol! Tell that to my toes and fingertips! I’m a keyboardist AND novelist. I gotta keep these digits WARM. I do however agree with you on the peacefulness and ease of slipping into reflection-mode when it’s cold. I lived for some years in Germany and believe me, I saw plenty of snow. There’s no denying its beauty and tranquility, plus, for some reason, it never felt bitterly cold… not sure to this day why? This time of year was amazing there. Kind of wish I’d thought to photography it back then…

      • wyco

        You lived in Germany? Yeah, you must know true snow, then. I’ll bet that was scenic. You don’t miss it at all? I know that you basically get zero chill where you are now!

      • K'lee L.

        I do miss Germany and Paris and Amsterdam at times, but Europe is going through some changes right now that make think maybe I’ll wait on heading back…

        Yeah, my memories of snow is it could be lots of it at times, but their street cleaners were always on top of it. So much so, you just never could complain. The train system was like that too. Minor problems were treated like major events.

        You’re right about Cali though. Right now we’re getting lots of rain with a potent storm on tap for tomorrow, but snow? Naw. Ain’t gonna happen!

      • wyco

        Yeah, Europe is definitely going through some changes. The whole world seems to be, at the moment. But hey, it sounds like you created some great memories there. It’s on my bucket list one of these days. I’ll be sure to send some snow your way, though! A gift from the Midwest.

      • K'lee L.

        You’re right. There does seem to be a global shift opening up right now. I’m excited to see what’s on the other side of it. I consider this to be a very fortuitous time to be alive. As for my many memories of living abroad, yeah mon, I’ve got crazy tales, beautiful tales, heartbreaking tales too, but ya know what? I wouldn’t change a single one of them. I’m who I am today because of those times and others. I imagine eventually I’ll be ready to write about some of it…

        Oh, thanks too for the virtual snow!!! We have some serious rain and wind happening right now so I’ll have to make do!

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