Theatrical Thursday, featuring Joe Versus the Volcano (1990).

Have you ever seen a movie six thousand times, but only gotten half a whiff of the real depth of that movie after the most recent viewing? Case in point; I’ve seen Joe Versus the Volcano at least 30 times since 1990, but only recently came to understand the immense truths contained within it. The film was always on in the background, and I’d often half ass watched it without really seeing it for what it was. The realization and understanding came slowly; a little bit here, a little bit there, until one day I said “fuck it” and sat down and really watched the film again for the first time. I took it all in with a renewed sense of awareness, and a considerably open mind. I dissected it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d enjoyed the movie time and again previously, but I’d only just seen the surface of it. And in truth, I was sincerely blown away. For all of its cheese, the movie was an acutely effective, multi-layered glimpse into a man’s thirst for knowledge, meaning, purpose, and self discovery. Looking beyond some of the dated, clunky 90’s camp, it’s quite a deeply rendered portrait of the journey that we all endure in order to accomplish whatever it is we want to accomplish with our lives. It is a great little tale about overcoming obstacles, standing up for your beliefs, and never giving up. Who can’t relate to that, right? And if you’ve ever hated your job, the “I quit” scene below is a revelation.



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    Now I feel like I’ve got to watch this movie. They are awesome together right? Tom and Meg…effortless onset chemistry. Have you seen the film “The Legend of 1900” starring Tim Roth? An awesome film with incredible cinematography way ahead of it’s time for the late 90s. I think you would dig it. 😊

    • wyco

      Definitely watch this movie! I’ve not seen The Legend of 1900, but I’ll have to check it out since Tim Roth is one of my faves. His role in Rob Roy is legendary. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Ok, so I watched this movie last night. Yeah.. it was kind of cheesy, (but not the oozing out the sides of a sandwich maker kind.) Some really beautiful moments of reflection and enlightenment, and some poignant words shared. I liked it. It also made me wanna go out and buy a rotating lamp and ukelele 😝. Worth watching, if only for the reason to inspire all of us to let go of our inner Joe… so to speak, and remind us to look up at the moon a lot more. Thanks for sharing Gary πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Šβœ¨

    • wyco

      It was cheesy…not melty grilled cheese cheesy, but like you said, it was a charming, simple, easy film to watch, which will hopefully enable us viewers to distance ourselves from our inner Joe. Beautiful moments and poignant discussions. Thanks for watching and appreciating! Go out and snag that ukelele (and lamp) and get some moon watching on!

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