Library Lusting.

So I really like this room.  My love for it was instantaneous.  The quiet intimacy of this room, even without the candles (an impressive touch, I might add), is superb.  The high ceilings and cushy furniture (and table…good for the coffee and the whiskey) add just a touch of the cozy and a fine dose of comfort to really pull the small space together.  And the doors are a great, clever touch to keep the world (and noise) at bay when need be.  This, my friends, is a book lover’s room. 



      • A Quiver of Quotes

        I know what you mean … I sometimes flick through the library pics on Pinterest and imaging the bookscapes in 3D, imagine exploring them, imagine stories in them—wait, that’s daydreaming! 🙂

      • wyco

        I do the exact same thing…it’s a fun little escape into dreamland! It’s hard not to daydream when it comes to awesome spaces like these.

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