Library Lusting.

Doing great work often requires having a great space.  The right space.  Not every time, sure…but with this space, great work most certainly would be done.  Ample sunlight flooding the room, a linear, minimal aspect that reduces clutter and adds a clear, clean vibe, a monstrous workspace that is just begging to be utilized, and a healthy row of books to top it all off famously.  Calm and good mojo would wash over me in this space for sure.  This is definitely a book lover’s room. 



  1. Bel

    I could spend all day in the library. I always wish I could afford one but maybe I would just be a hermit if that ever happened! 😂

    • wyco

      I agree with you 100%…places like this make you want to post up, kick back, and stay a while! Thanks for checking it out!

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