There's something very interesting here;
stark, structural simplicity blended tidily with a beautiful wash of snow swept countryside. A very striking combination when done right. One must admit that there is a raw, organic comfort in spaces like these; with uncomplicated, almost spartan furnishings, the emphasis is placed on the surroundings rather than the interior. As a result, both elements are enhanced considerably. And the little stout stove? Perfection. Let the daydreams commence.

Light your fire, grab your coffee (or wine), snag your book…and cozy up to the warmth of this week's great wintry space.



  1. A Quiver of Quotes

    I wouldn’t mind reading here either … I can see this being a space for an e-library 🙂 One reading device in your hand, millions of books to browse (not the same a good old paper, but different is good occasionally).

    • wyco

      Now you’re talking! It’s the perfect place to kick back, refresh, and set aside the ol’ troubles. With some coffee. That sounds good. Coffee and books/e-books go hand in hand.

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