Library Lusting.

This week’s space conjures up a tropical vibe, and I’d say that it’s more than just the addition of the potted plant that contributes to that ambiance. It could be just me, but I’m reminded of a warm, sunlit terrace on a summer afternoon…surrounded by an ocean of books. It’s a great space, with a few clever parallels; the heavy, rustic elements play very well alongside the fragility of the books, and the sunlight adds a splash of color that gives life to the dense, cold stone. It’s a nice, tidy, quiet space to sit alone and collect the thoughts. This is indeed a book lover’s room…let the daydreams commence.



    • wyco

      Often, they can…all of the concrete and linear elements do sort of sterilize that warmth. You’re right. A good solution to add some warmth and life? Books. They will improve any space! Thanks always for your feedback. I love your comments!

      • wyco

        Too many books is a great problem to have, but yes, too many in the same place can mean instant clutter. Large personal spaces…plentiful books…the stuff of dreams…

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