Poems – Storms.

So many people resemble planets in this way…cold and distant and scarred by whatever debris is thrown their way. Send some love their way if you know them. Be well, and thanks for reading.



  1. Da Pu

    Niiiiice!!! Makes you think. Keep writing and sharing. Still rehearsing my pose for the Red Carpet!!šŸ˜‰

    • wyco

      Thanks for always being a fan! Keep yourself prepped and ready for when that read carpet rolls! Haha

    • wyco

      This is one of those standing outside, staring at the moon sort of poems…since my mind is always conjuring up randomness (I never seem to stop thinking), stuff like this tends to come up. Comparisons, juxtaposition, etc..Iā€™m always trying to find interesting parallels. It keeps life interesting! Mental health is pretty important to me as well, so a bleak, desolate, isolated hunk of space rock is a great canvas/mirror for those who resemble those distant features. Thanks for checking this one out!

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