Poems – Priceless.

Let’s spend less time complaining…about the weather, about the day of the week, about the small, trivial things.


Let’s be grateful that we are here right now, able to enjoy this very moment. Be well, and thanks for reading.



  1. A Quiver of Quotes

    Later: at every moment you realise that that moment is priceless. Later still: you honour the pricelessness of every moment by filling it to the brim (with whatever matters most).

    • wyco

      Ahhh…brilliant addition “you honor the pricelessness if every moment by filling it to the brim”. That’s a notion that I’m working diligently to recreate day after day, appreciation, gratitude, mindfulness. Good stuff!

    • wyco

      No good learning comes too late…some ideas take longer to realize, but it’s never to late to learn and appreciate a good message! Hopefully we learn it while we still have some time to implement it/them though. Thanks for your feedback!

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