Poems – The Light.

We’ve all been there…we’ve all had our shadowy moments where the light of life doesn’t shine as bright. Sometimes that shade can overwhelm us…if we let it.


When you’re tired of one path, stand tall…that courage has the power to open the shades and let the sunshine in. Let your own light shine. Be well, and thanks for reading.



  1. A Quiver of Quotes

    Just reading “Hallucinations” by Oliver Sacks, and a chapter on how sensory deprivation (constant darkness for example) leads to hallucinations… Without natural light, the brain will conjure its own entertainment. Not quite what you were saying but perhaps a curious insight nonetheless.

    • wyco

      Oh, a very curious insight that does run parallel to the poem. Sensory deprivation in all forms must lead to a certain deprived mental and emotional state. Without a light source, or even the faintest hope of a flicker, what can be grown? What can be developed? The brain is a powerful computer that will undoubtedly conjure up its own stimulus. It’s up to us to feed it the good stuff.

      • A Quiver of Quotes

        Fascinating in itself, and fascinating how little is known… I feel like because we know so little about our minds we are at least justified in believing there’s so much more potential within us (whether or not that’s true).

      • wyco

        Oh, I think there’s a wealth there…for those that are capable of harnessing the ability to tap into it.

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