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“Once more unto the breach,dear friends, once more”-

legendary words that

Shakespeare so eloquently

envisioned as English King Henry V 

gallantly spurred

his loyal and depleted few to victory over the 

numerically superior French forces,

a powerful army that was overwhelmingly

predicted to crush Henry and his 


“Once more unto the breach”, 

he cried when defeat seemed certain,

and under the unwavering bravery of

those rallying words,

his troops sallied forth courageously into 

the swell of the enemy, and vanquished them

from the field wholly and victoriously.

Shakespeare at his finest…

history at its most endearing.

Once more unto the breach,

we should remind ourselves as we

venture out into the swell of  

life’s intangibles,

against its unknown numbers,

innumerable odds

and challenges that, on paper,

would annihilate us-

once more unto the breach,

as we throw our hats gallantly into the 

mix and swim out against the current

for another shot, another chance, and

another opportunity,

despite the odds,

despite the challenges,

eager to face its unknown numbers,

and eager to cry out ferociously into the

face of opposition-

ready to march forward once more,

ferociously brave in pursuit of any and

every dream that we could possibly


Defeat sometimes seems certain..

victory often seems dim,

until we remember that one more

charge into the fray may mean the

difference between failure and success,

the beginning and the end

if we’re willing to rally forward into the

surge of the current, no matter the odds,

and claim what lands we choose to


Shakespeare at his finest,

history at its most triumphant,

bravery at its most resounding*


-G. Boston