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Poems – New Project.

I’m using dictionary.com’s word of the day to help shatter a writing slump that I’m currently weathering. Today’s word is ‘slake’, which is ‘to lessen or allay (thirst, desire, wrath, etc.) by satisfying’, and my goal is to write a brief piece using that word. No hesitation, no waiting, no perfectionism. Wish me luck.


Poems – Fears

Honest question. Life throws a lot of stuff at us, and places us into situations that make us uncomfortable…situations that are out of our normal, preprogrammed, comfortable ‘safe’ zones. Fears arise; “will I succeed?”, “am I good enough?” The key is to work ON the fears. Not around them. Defeat them…not sidestep them. I’ve been MIA lately and am working on some new material…keep an eye out for it.

Poems – Action.

Like the saying goes, something beats nothing. It’s all too easy to sit around thinking about what we’re going to do…thinking about the end point. Daydreaming without putting in the foot work. But we won’t get there unless we work for it..Do something today, no matter how small it seems. Every tiny bit adds up. Be well, and thanks for reading.

Poems – Break Free.

Walls are tricky. Sure, we may feel safe behind the walls that we’ve created. We may feel safe with the idea that we can keep people and things out of our personal experience..But is there really any experience gained behind those walls? Walls may protect, but they also prevent. Don’t let the walls you’ve created prevent you from living life. Be well, and thanks for reading.

Poems – Doubt.

Doubt…it will most certainly hold us hostage if we allow it to. It’s a deceptively powerful force that should be drop kicked the moment it rears it’s little head. Stay fresh. Stay productive. Don’t let the naysayers of the world (as well as the ones in your own mind) prevent you from living and creating. Wake up, get up, do your thing. In the end, something beats having done nothing. Be well, and thanks for reading.

Poems – Sun Sailing.

Sometimes, being able to free your spirit for a little while is the best medicine. Create moments. Connect with others. Disconnect if you can from the things that cause you stress. Breathe, kick back, let out a good laugh, and remember that life is meant to be lived. Be well, and thanks for reading.