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Poems – Simple Beauty.

Sometimes the simple beauty holds the most power.


Poems – Where We Are.

‘Who you were’ or ‘where you were’ in life – we think about these things often, but they don’t have the impact that we think they do.

We tend to give more credence to the past than it deserves. What matters is right now – who we are now and where we are right now says more about us than all the yesterdays that we give importance to.

Poems – Expectations.

We expect a lot from other people. We sometimes expect others to bring their A game to the table….to be better friends, companions, coworkers, or family members. But are we doing the same? If we’re going to expect these behaviors from other people, we’ve got to first develop them in ourselves.

Poems – This Moment.

Yes, this is an oversimplified play on words, but just take a minute to think about it. Everything that’s happened up to this point has led us to this very moment. Simple, but powerful. All the trials, all the struggles, the joys, and the victories have influenced where we are right now.

This moment matters.

Perhaps some setbacks have forced you to quit – well, within this very moment is the opportunity to finally push through. On the flip side, now is the perfect time to express gratitude for merely being alive to appreciate this moment. Do what you can today – every day- to
influence tomorrow in some small way. Pursue a goal. Start a hobby. What we do matters just as much as what we don’t do.

Musings at Random – Happiness is a Choice.

Happiness is a choice, and now, more than ever, we should all lean on its shoulders. The world will sometimes break us down, but it’s up to us to rebuild stronger. Brick by brick. Moment by moment, because we can.

What we choose to see, what we choose to believe, and what we choose to project becomes our ethos. We ultimately become what we choose to manifest. Hate life? Watch out – it might hate you back. Hate your job? With that mentality, you’ll never escape the negativity.

And so on it goes, into our relationships, our well being, and our overall mindset. What we choose to think – to believe – directly affects our quality of life. It directly impacts how we live, how we react, who we choose to spend our time with, what we choose to accept and tolerate, and how far we’re willing to go in order to make a change for the better.

You see, happiness is a choice. It’s not a guarantee or a foregone conclusion. And as such, it’s essentially never set in stone; money won’t buy it, good genes won’t cultivate it, and a great job won’t secure it. We do.

And it only happens when we decide to pursue it, embrace it, accept it, live it, project it, and lastly, manifest it.