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Poems – The Weak Link.

I put the word ‘weakest’ in quotations to stress importance of the word. We often feel broken down, beaten up, and spit out by the rigors that we go through day to day. Sometimes we’re deconstructed to a point where we feel like we’re holding ourselves together by the thinnest of threads. That’s where real strength comes into play.


So often, what seems like a weak link is really perseverance; it takes a lot to hold it all together, to remain standing in the face of the strong winds that blow our way. I write a lot about positivity and moving forward, because I really believe in the power of that. If you’ve ever felt like a weak link, don’t let it defeat you. Stay strong. Hold that shit together. What can appear as weakness could be seen as strength. It’s all in the perception.


Poems – Build the Calm.

Chill out. Relax. The world is a busy place, and we are so often like ants clambering around trying to catch up and trying to find our place. Why not slow it down a bit? Life shouldn’t have to rush by us. Create a peace so beautiful that the days slow down to catch up with YOU.

Poems – Focus.

Think about it. How easy is it to complain about the things we don’t have..the job we don’t have, or the money, or the life that we don’t have? The things that we think we need, the things that we think will make us better or happier or more complete?


What would happen if we focused more of that energy on trying to fix some of the things that keep us in a state of discontent? There’s a lot that we don’t do, mostly because we’re afraid of doing them. There’s so much power in self love and self examination. Let’s look inward and redirect more of our love and energy toward what WE can do to find meaningful solutions.

Poems – Do it.

Why is it so easy to convince ourselves that we can’t do something that someone out there is already doing? When it comes to our dreams, we may think to ourselves, “there’s no way I could ever do that”, when others are out there doing it as we speak. Or worse yet, never even try because we convince ourselves that we’ll fail. BUT…if someone else can accomplish that same dream (more than likely, somebody is out there doing and excelling at what you dream of doing), then why can’t you?