i can see again-
my eyes are open once
more to myself-
my heart is open once
more to the thoughts
that pervaded so much
of my past-
buried thoughts-
stolen moments-
barricaded under the
safety of silence-
stolen by the actions of
fear and doubt-
within this chest lies
a spirit unbroken-
a steed burning with
the desire to run
at full pace against
the odds set forth
by an unknown
a knight ready to
do battle against the
very blacksmith that
forged his iron hide-
i can see again-
a green landscape
made rich by hands
and voices-
a sky made blue by
the softness of a
beaming earth-
a sun made bright from
the reflections of a
billion smiles-
i can see again-
and as a result,
i can feel-
the racing heart of
the eager steed-
the eager mind of
the steady knight-
the tickle of the
grass against my skin-
the whisper of the
wind as i admire the
i can feel again-
and once more-
i speak-
my heart opens-
my hand moves-
my mind listens-
and my soul understands*



  1. lonadeanna

    Speechless. This is someone who is fully present, awake, has shown up for themselves and is feeling life right through the marrow of their bones. Truly beautiful piece Gary. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’›

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