my hand is operable
once again-
my brain is sending signals
that my hand is working
to interpret-
my heart is transmitting
data that my soul is
eager to process-
for months-
i’ve searched-
like a quest knight for
the holy grail-
and for months,
my search came up
what happened to
the flow of information?
the quest knights eventually
discovered the grail-
after many years, and
much toil and
they discovered the
one thing that would
restore the kingdom to
its former glory-
the priceless artifact was
returned to camelot-
and order was restored
as it touched arthur’s
i have recovered my grail-
and it was within
me all along-
my grail was something
that i’d forgotten –
a particle of life that
had been swept into
a corner-
a speck of data that sat dormant
in the far reaches of my
i simply forgot to
look for my grail in its
place of origin*

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