is it wrong to have dreams that are ‘larger than life’? is it better to live a ‘realistically’ grounded existence, free of expansive thought and spontaneity? i would rather live in dreams than accept the structure of a false reality. i would rather believe that anything is possible; that all things can be conceived and created. to live in a world of color, imagination, and growth, rather than the drab, cubicle-esque air of incorrectly labeled reality. what is reality, anyway? we create our own reality. we create our current mindset. we alone can create our sphere and cultivate the thoughts and mindsets that spill forth. it’s true that we’re heavily influenced by the ideologies set in motion by television, magazines, and general society; it’s easy to fall into this pre-existing, plastic world. it’s easy to fall prey to the notion that we ‘should’ do this, or ‘should’ do that. we’re all raised with a slew of these do’s and don’ts. it’s up to us to separate our needs and dreams from the pile of pre-determined mediocrity, and create a sturdy bridge over it for which to cross.


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